Bushcraft Survival Training

Intermediate Survival Course (1-Day Course)

This 1-day Intermediate Survival Course carries on from the Essential Basic Survival Course and our other basic bushcraft survival training course, Survival & Emergency Preparedness Course.

Expanding on the foundationary bushcraft survival training skills, you will further those skill sets you’ve already gained, as we develop more of an in-depth knowledge and practical application of your wilderness survival skills.

bushcraft survival training - natural navigation using the starsWe utilise a mix of natural resources and modern equipment to deliver a blend of modern survival techniques and some more traditional bushcraft methods.

This one day course is equally relevant to students of any age, as well as seasoned outdoor enthusiasts. It’s open to anybody who has already completed either the Essential Basic Survival Course or the Survival & Emergency Preparedness Course.

As with our two basic courses above, you will be taught using a combination of tried-and-tested knowledge and real-world practical survival skills, with a mix of indoor and outdoor instruction so you learn using the best methods.

Just like with all of the Australian survival schools you have to travel to get to one, so when you’re looking for a survival course near you – we’re closer than you think.

This intermediate course will help you to become more self-reliant and confident in your ability to work with nature and not against it. We will use a mix of modern equipment and natural resources you’d find in the Australian bush.

You will start off by revising a few of the foundationary skills taught in either of our two basic courses…then we will progress further and introduce you to a broader range of topics and modern survival techniques using realistic resources.


“It was a great day…we had fun on the course and learnt loads! Can’t wait to practise some of the skills we learnt when we’re out fishing. Some of the places we go are pretty hard to get to.”

– Anson Magnus, Photographer (NSW)

Course Syllabus – Intermediate Survival Course

Duration: 1 day – 8:30am to 4:30pm

Price: $238 (adult), $198 (child) – which includes: 1 day of survival & bushcraft instruction from a fully qualified instructor, hot beverages, land use fees, insurance and your own signal mirror to take home

Minimum age: 12 years (students under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult)

It is a pre-requisite for students to attend the Essential Basic Survival Course prior to attending this course

Skills covered:

  • Some revision from either of the basic courses.
  • Types of tinder.
  • Useful trees & plants of the local area.
  • Water (collecting, filtering and purifying).
  • Improvised water filters.
  • Land navigation / orienteering using a map & compass.
  • Emergency signalling (active and passive methods – critical if you’re not able to move away from your camp due to injury).
  • How to improvise a fish hook and line from discarded items when you don’t have any fish hooks or a reel.
  • How to pitch a Hoochie tarp when you only have a poncho with you and no tarp.
  • Greater natural navigation (using the stars).
  • Wilderness first aid – how to make a moon boot for a broken ankle in the field using a sleeping mat.
  • Natural group shelters and bedding platforms.
  • Construction of a Teepee shelter (making use of the increased thermal properties of a circular-based shelter & how to incorporate a fire inside).
  • How to use floating ocean debris (e.g. a large, plastic container or buoy) to protect fire lighting on a windswept coastline.

There are many bushcraft survival training skills to be gained on this more in-depth course, so prepare for a full day and another steep learning curve, but – as always – it will still be both challenging and rewarding, will boost your practical capabilities and be fun at the same time.

bushcraft survival training - teepee fire constructionThe instructors at Survival Courses Tasmania are trained in modern survival techniques and also in more traditional bushcraft, with qualifications from some of the top survival and wilderness schools internationally.

See our course overview here and learn more about the style and structure of our courses.

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