Within survival courses Australia, you may well know the difference between the two terms (bushcraft and survival) that we outlined in our Bushcraft vs Survival page.

When comparing the two different names and the derivation of their usage, you may also know that the phrase ‘survival training’ comes from the overarching parent word bushcraft…with survival training having been created by the military.

Learning survival and bushcraft is primarily focused on a blend of key training skills, as well as using certain pieces of survival equipment. However, the more advanced you become with your survival training, the less equipment you should need to rely on.

It was originally conceived to instruct military personnel in a range of diverse skills, to provide them with the right training to survive in remote areas.

Survival usually refers to being able to survive on your own for up to 72 hours and getting back to safety quickly – to then either be rescued or to ‘self-rescue’ (also known as self recovery).

We’ll get into what SERE actually stands for further below.

Survival Courses Australia

survival courses australia - constructing a natural lean-to shelterAt SCT, we train students of all ages in modern survival and bushcraft techniques and we are NOT a ‘Sigma 6 Alpha-style’ military training school. We are accessible to everyone that has the right mind frame and wishes to learn new, exciting, and life-saving wilderness skills.

SCT’s survival courses Australia are fully inclusive, open to anyone who wants to come, and we prefer to teach our students hands-on skills and applicable knowledge that can be applied in a real-world scenario.

This makes it a much more relevant, fun, and interesting way to learn and hone these life skills – and it’s based on actual experience from being in the field practising these skills and hiking solo for a number of decades.

Our aim is to enable our students to retain this all-important knowledge and practical skill sets, and allow them to travel and navigate through a variety of diverse terrains and environments safely.

We strive to deliver realistic, interesting, and exciting survival courses in Australia, but…equally importantly, relevant and real-world survival training that can be implemented in a wide range of scenarios.


Survival Courses Tasmania is different from other survival courses in Australia, as our students have the opportunity to learn survival skills relevant to any environment and type of terrain.

survival courses australia - group building a natural lean-to shelterFundamentally, we also instruct using a proven mix of classroom and outdoor learning – providing our students with the best possible method of retaining the key knowledge and applying it in real-life, practical scenarios at the same time.

Our bushcraft and survival courses are also suited to a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, 4WD trips, skiing, working remotely, and so on, as they provide critical survival and navigational techniques that would benefit anyone spending time in a diverse wilderness environment.

So, come and check out our range of survival and bushcraft courses – we have something for everyone interested in the outdoors.

SCT Offers Progressive Survival & Bushcraft Courses, As Well As Surviving Longer-Term In The Wilderness!

Our focus at SCT is to have genuine tried and tested survival techniques at the core of all of our wilderness training courses, through our series of staged courses , including our surviving for a longer-term in the bush.

longer-term survival shelterIf you are also interested in either competing against others to survive in the wilderness, or want to explore this for your own individual challenge, or even with your family / friends…then our survival courses Australia will give you the best possible training.

The first two stages will be at our regular venue, and the intermediate courses (and, later in 2024, the advanced course) will be held on a small, wild island where we can explore and practise much more closely being in the field.

If you’re having to survive for a couple of nights in a shelter that you’ve been trained to build, then you would use certain designs for this type of either natural or hybrid shelter.

However, if you’re needing to or want to survive for a longer term in the field (3+ months, for example) – then you need to rethink your shelter and start out with a completely different design.

Often, this will be a slightly larger construction that is more enclosed, built more substantially, and may well incorporate a fire inside the shelter rather than typically having a fire outside for a smaller, more temporary design.

Additionally, SCT will teach you a diverse range of other essential survival and bushcraft skills, such as: fire lighting, water procurement, water filtration, multi-pronged fishing spears, how to make a disc knife, how to improvise a fishing hook and line.

You’ll also learn how to convert seawater into drinkable (potable) water, how to treat injuries in the wilderness, how to manage snake bites, how to improvise a ‘moon boot,’ and how to make and set snares among many other skills you will learn with us.

Check out each of our courses for a full breakdown of which units you’ll be learning when you attend one of our full, 1-day survival and bushcraft courses.

Survival Courses Tasmania’s courses guarantee an unforgettable experience for everyone who participates. They really are mix of being fun, challenging and rewarding!

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