Survival School Australia

Advanced Survival Course (1-Day Course)

Dig deeper into traditional fieldcraft and advanced survival techniques with our enlightening 1-day training course at our survival school Australia.

We will be going much more into the field for this course and heading to a small island not too many kms from our regular venue outside Launceston…where we can use the greater wilderness to our advantage and dive into more bushcraft.

Due to the increased costs with running the advanced course at this location, the cost of the course is slightly more than the earlier stages of our courses.

survival school australia - plough friction fire methodExpand your knowledge and skill base…as we continue on from SCT’s Intermediate Survival Course. We explore in greater depth the various different areas of some traditional methods and up-to-date survival skills.

Here, you will extend your previously learnt skill sets further, as we teach you more traditional wilderness methods mixed with sound modern techniques and tested equipment, to help enable you to survive in the bush and tackle anything that mother nature can throw at you.

As with our other basic and intermediate one day courses, you will be instructed using a tried and tested method – a combination of highly relevant theory along with practical bush and survival skills. See our course overview and all of our courses here.

This will be based at our survival school Australia venue not too far from Launceston or at our Hobart venue and will provide you with a solid understanding and real-world application of advanced techniques that could one day save your life!

You will learn friction fire-lighting techniques, how to improvise key items such as a cutting tool, a basic water container to drink from, and a multi-pronged fishing spear.

Additionally, you will also learn how to make simple but effective traps…and increase your knowledge from our previous courses on how to navigate and travel naturally using features and clues in the land, as well as using the sun and stars.

We will cover some of the many written (and some unwritten) rules of survival for any outdoor scenario in the wilderness – such as with your sleeping system…that having a layer of protection on the ground underneath you is worth two layers on top of you.


Course Syllabus – Advanced Survival Course

Duration: 1 day – 8:30am to 4:30pm

Price: $258 (adult), $218 (child) – which includes: 1 day of survival & bushcraft instruction from a fully qualified instructor, hot beverages, land use fees, insurance and your own emergency sleeping bag to take home. This Advanced Survival & Bushcraft Course will be held on a small, wild island where we can explore and practise more closely being in the field. We’ll be using nature much more to our advantage on this course.

Minimum age: 12 years (students under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult)

It is a pre-requisite for students to attend the Intermediate Survival Course prior to attending this course

You will learn:

  • Travelling using natural navigation (using both the land, the sun & the stars).
  • Improvised water container for drinking out of.
  • Advanced water procurement (transpiration method).
  • How to make a cutting tool (disc knife etc) out of a discarded glass bottle and a nail.
  • Advanced campfire techniques (four-stick method etc).
  • Bushcraft technique for lighting friction fire.
  • How to make simple snowshoes (compared to the tennis-racquet-style snowshoes shown in many survival books) that work in deep snow, as well as marshy / boggy plateaus (e.g. on Ben Lomond’s western plateau).
  • Wilderness fishing tools (multi-pronged spear, improvised fishing hook & line etc) & techniques on how to use them.
  • How to build & set a snare trap.

survival school australia - multi-pronged fishing spearThere are lots of varied skills to be learnt on this advanced stage course, so be ready for a full day and a steep learning curve, with it still being equally challenging and rewarding, and will hone your technical and practical abilities, as well as being fun and enlightening at the same time.

The instructors at Survival Courses Tasmania are trained in modern survival techniques and in more traditional bushcraft, with qualifications from some of the top survival and wilderness schools in Australia and overseas.

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