Survival Training Courses

With our survival training courses at SCT, we offer courses to cater to all levels of experience, from those just starting out fresh to the experienced outdoorsman and outdoorswoman.

We train anybody who has an interest in going into the wilderness or who has to work in remote places…demonstrating real-world survival techniques through training courses utilising a blend of classroom and outdoor instruction.

survival training courses australiaFrom essential basic courses through to advanced and specialist, each of our one day courses will help instill self-confidence within you and provide you with practical wilderness skills that can be used and adapted to suit a range of different environments.

Live training on an in-person survival training course will give you the right kind of practical capabilities required and the best knowledge. Here at SCT, we call it ‘muscle memory,’ and you cannot get that from learning online.

Our training will also teach you new skills, including: resourcefulness, resilience, teamwork and problem solving – so there’s something for everyone.

The syllabus for each of our courses has been carefully thought out and is designed to introduce you to a wide range of knowledge, as well as highly applicable modern and traditional survival skills for the real world.

With SCT’s Intermediate Survival Course, Advanced Survival Course, and Specialist Survival Course, it is a pre-requisite to have completed the Essential Basic Survival Course first, so that everyone attending the more advanced stages has the same learning foundation and relevant know-how.

Our survival training courses are designed to both challenge you by getting you to think creatively in non-familiar surroundings, as well as reward you with the knowledge gained and self-belief you will have when you head out into the bush.

“We both had fun…the survival course was very good and covered many essential topics. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and adapted to our pre-existing knowledge well.”

– Tilden Etges, Business Owner (Tasmania)

Course Structure

survival training courses australia - Woox bushcraft knifeSurvival situations can’t realistically be planned for, but they can be anticipated, which is why SCT’s survival classes will ultimately help you when your life depends on it.

None of us knows when we might face a life-or-death scenario in our lives…and the right kind of survival know-how may well just make the difference to get you back home!

As with most bushcraft courses in Australia, the more you train for the worst using real-world scenarios, the better equipped you’ll be – from a mindset and from an applicable skill set perspective.

Success or failure often comes down to the individual’s ability to cope with the unfamiliar and to adapt to this change of plans and formulate a new plan.

With Survival Courses Tasmania, you will learn to trust in your survival training and be able to use even the most minimal amount of kit alongside your new-found knowledge to overcome almost anything that nature throws your way.


Learn the critical knowledge and these valuable skills in the friendly atmosphere of our classroom where each skill is carefully explained and demonstrated by our highly trained instructors, before you practise and develop the technique for yourself outdoors.

As each new skill is taken up, we will help you to apply it to a real-life scenario and gradually build on what you have already learned – providing you with improved ability in the field and you becoming more self-sufficient.


At SCT, we believe that the indoor classroom is an important aspect of learning the required knowledge initially and that it enables the best preparation possible, so that we can more easily transfer that knowledge in the wild.

Of course, we know that everyone wants to be outside…so we take you out of the classroom to practise and hone this learning outdoors as well.

Our facilities on the outskirts of Launceston provide a perfect combination of learning environments for students to be outside in nature while also having the convenience of a rustic hut for our series of comprehensive one-day courses.

Additionally, we are only 15 minutes from Launceston airport, so it couldn’t be easier to get here. And, now with many of the major mainland airports having direct flights to Launceston, it’s really convenient.

Excitingly, for our two advanced-stage courses – we will be going to a small, wild inland island just 10 minutes from our main training venue, so we can be much more involved with the natural wilderness around us (depending on access).

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