At SCT – with our survival training Australia – it’s all about providing our students with the confidence to go out and explore wherever and whenever they choose to.

We provide them with the skills, the knowledge, and the self-belief that they need to prevent or respond to emergencies in remote natural environments – something that Australia has in spades!

survival training australia - repurposing survival equipmentWe accomplish this by teaching our students the same modern approach to wilderness survival that was originally conceived by the military…but which has been adapted to suit everyday people who enjoy the outdoors for recreation.

Adaptation is absolutely critical when you face any kind of life-threatening situation, whether it’s out in the field or in an urban environment.

Any given survival situation will throw any number of obstacles at you, and the challenges and hardships you deal with will also change as you try to overcome them, so you need to remain flexible.

We achieve this by emphasising the importance of survival and bushcraft knowledge that you can carry with you, along with even just a few key pieces of equipment.

Through basic preparedness, carrying a few tools and some gear, staying positive, being flexible, and having a practical approach to improvisation and repurposing items – you can achieve things you never thought possible.

We teach these life skills at Survival Courses Tasmania, and one of the things I love is to repurpose things you find in the wild or kit you have that was designed for something completely different.

We also help our clients to make more informed decisions by teaching them the Top 5 Survival Priorities for any wilderness emergency: Shelter / Protection, Fire / Warmth, Rescue Signals, Water, and Food.

At SCT, we also teach the importance of Survival Psychology in our two basic survival courses, because once you’re armed with the right training, you’ll have the right mindset to respond to an emergency situation.

That way, your mind will see the situation as less of a crisis where you automatically panic, and you’ll be more in control of your decisions, so you can better protect yourself and others and get back to safety.

Survival Courses Tasmania has trained a diverse mix of students (we prefer to refer to our customers as students) from all over Australia, as well as international visitors.

Some are experienced hikers, hunters, mountain bike riders, kayakers, climbers etc who want to be better prepared for an emergency — especially should their day trip turn into an unexpected night out in the wild.

Others simply want to increase their fundamental or advanced outdoor skills, so that they can take their adventures to the next level.

Our students come from all walks of life and include younger teenage boys and girls, as well as older professionals, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

So, discover for yourself why SCT is the right choice of survival training school in Australia and how we can help you to grow in your personal skill sets and accomplish your goals.

Mother Nature can be unforgiving. Having the right skills and knowledge to work with your natural environment – rather than against it – is key to your survival.

Developed for those either with little-to-no wilderness experience or with years in the outdoors under their belts, our series of 1-day survival and bushcraft courses will teach individuals valuable concepts and skills that can be applied when faced with any outdoor emergency.

Survival Training Australia

Anything can happen…and it doesn’t always come at an obvious time. From an unexpected snowstorm in summer that wasn’t forecast (welcome to Tassie!), to getting lost not far from the track, to an unexpected injury.

Students will learn how to stay alive in a survival situation. These courses will not only educate students with hands-on skills but provide them with an understanding of the physical and psychological demands placed on the mind and body during a life-threatening event.

survival training australia - friction fire using plough methodUnderstanding the wilderness around us can create an unparalleled advantage for the outdoor enthusiast. SCT’s courses focus on having the knowledge to identify, re-purpose, and utilise resources around you in the field.

A few nights in the outdoors doesn’t have to be dominated by discomfort. It’s about learning to maximise both your equipment and the environment around you.

During these courses, you will learn to create natural shelters, utilise emergency blankets as makeshift shelters, learn about sleeping platforms, and learn how to insulate your body with natural materials.

Individuals will also learn how to improvise creatively with what you have on you and what’s around you at the time, and gain a deeper understanding of a wilderness mindset to give you an edge in the field.

At SCT, we’ll teach you how to become much more self-reliant in nature, which will give you that all important self-confidence, so you don’t panic when things go wrong.

You can be prepared for any outdoor adventure with proper bushcraft and survival training in Australia. Our series of courses are designed as multiple 1-day classes, so that students can absorb the information and retain it for when they truly need it.

Why not join a group of enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about new learning opportunities and enhancing their life skills?

We’ll cover a range of skills and activities that will enable you to cope regardless of whether you’re going out in a hot climate, deep snow, mountain peaks, or rainforests.

Some of those skills and activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Signalling for Rescue – Active and Passive Methods: getting attention using mirrors, ground to air, sound and smoke, homemade signal mirrors and whistles.
  • Learn To Be Comfortable In The Cold: exposure to extreme cold can kill the unprepared within hours! Knowing what to do can be a lifesaver in staving off hypothermia, the world’s biggest outdoor killer.
  • Winter Clothing – Cold Weather Clothing Systems: choosing your clothing for fit and function, the European layering method, insulation types, clothing material properties, using barriers against the wet, what, where, and how to wear winter clothing for best results.
  • How Cold Affects Your Body: heat loss and heat gain mechanisms, short and long-term heat production methods, how your body produces heat and how to increase its production, food as energy and warmth.
  • Building Shelters: selecting the right location / where to build, what to build, and how to build natural & man-made shelters.
  • Preparing Fire & Best Ways To Light: from fire steels, waterproof & windproof matches, types of friction fire, preparation of tinder & kindling to get the best results when you light a fire.
  • Getting Water: from snow and ice, preventing dehydration, water purification methods, hydration tips, water transpiration method.
  • Wilderness First Aid: hypothermia, preventing & treating snake bites, how to bandage a broken arm/wrist in the field, how to re-purpose & improvise a ‘moon boot’ for a broken leg/ankle.

…and much more with our survival training Australia.

You can see a description for what kinds of friction fire you can use here.