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wilderness survival training course - Alex Mileham on the summit of mt kilimanjaro Africa

You can find out more about Alex on our About Page by clicking here.

As well as numerous other bushcraft and survival skills you will learn over the series of SCT’s one-day courses, you will also learn how to:

  • Make a multi-pronged fishing spear
  • Convert undrinkable seawater into fresh drinking water
  • Make a disc knife out of discarded items
  • Improvise a drinking vessel / cup out of nothing but duct tape
  • Make effective snowshoes (can be used to walk on deep snow or across boggy terrain)
  • Construct a Teepee shelter
  • Light a fire in cold, wet conditions
  • Build animal snares
  • Improvise a ‘moon boot’ for a sprained ankle / broken leg
  • Build 5 different kinds of shelters
  • Make a Dakota fire pit
  • Navigate using the sun, the stars and the land
  • Improvise a fish hook and line


Here at Survival Courses Tasmania (SCT) we believe that the most important aspect of surviving in the wild is gaining the right knowledge while being able to apply that knowledge and use it to your advantage by learning and honing practical skills. See our course overview and structure here.

When it comes to surviving in the wild, there really is NO SUBSTITUTE for a hands-on, physical training course…as you’re just not going to remember how to do it when you’re in a real-life emergency and you’ve tried to learn it online from a staged YouTube/TikTok video etc.

I refer to it as ‘muscle memory,’ which will kick-in when the adrenaline starts pumping, you’re cold and exhausted, the weather is closing in fast, you’re miles from help, and you have to survive a few freezing wet nights up a mountain or in the bush.

We train all ages in essential, genuine survival techniques through carefully designed training courses in a mixture of indoor and outdoor instruction. Additionally, our courses will also teach you resilience, resourcefulness, teamwork, problem solving, as well as the core discipline of survival.

SCT has also trained people who are applying for future seasons of Alone Australia, which is filmed nine months in advance of when it airs on TV. Ideally, you want as much hands-on instruction as possible to give you the highest level of skills and training that you can get.

Our well-structured courses are designed to span a range of survival and fieldcraft knowledge and skill sets, from the priorities of survival (click on our Essential Basic Survival Course 1 above for the ‘Top 5 survival priorities’), to modern and traditional skill sets.

There are a number of key areas of bushcraft that we cover in our courses…but we do like to focus on more modern methods as well, because we should use modern techniques if they’ve been tried and tested out in the field.

survival courses tasmania - basic tarp shelter We cater to suit all levels of experience: from the beginner to the experienced outdoorsperson, and our variety of engaging courses will appeal to:

  • interstate & international visitors doing the Overland Track, Walls of Jerusalem, Bay of Fires, or other Tassie hikes
  • day hikers & multi-day hikers
  • campers
  • 4WD enthusiasts
  • mountain bikers
  • tradies
  • climbers
  • mountaineers
  • skiers / snowboarders
  • backpackers
  • hiking guides
  • fishermen & women
  • kayakers & people going packrafting
  • bushcraft & survival enthusiasts
  • anyone wanting to apply to survival TV shows (Alone Australia etc)
  • people working in remote areas for business
  • corporate groups looking to build teamwork, communication, and confident teams
  • from age 12 and over

Quite simply, anyone with a passion for the outdoors and natural environments will benefit from either of our courses!

“I found Alex to be very knowledgeable and helpful…and, despite being an experienced bushwalker of more than 30 years myself, I was able to learn some very useful skills and tips for surviving an emergency in the wilderness. Thanks heaps and look forward to putting it to use!”

– Craig Kuns, Mine Engineer (Tasmania)

SCT Overview

From our Essential Basic Survival Courses 1 & 2, Intermediate Survival Courses 1 & 2, and our Advanced Survival Course (coming in 2024)…our courses equip you with self-reliance coupled with tested and practical outdoor skills that can be used and adapted to suit a range of different environments.

Our courses are made up of a combination of indoor and outdoor instruction to provide students with the essential, required knowledge paired with the practical skills development that’s so important.

They are equal parts fun, rewarding and demanding…will build resilience and resourcefulness, and will give you the confidence to go out and explore any environment you choose. They will introduce you to the world of wilderness survival in a comprehensive way, starting with the essential basics and learning to use modern methods and equipment.

We will cover some traditional skills (bushcraft) and the use of natural resources at Survival Courses Tasmania, and we’ll also focus on modern survival techniques to give our students the best all-round knowledge and practical skill set (find out what the difference is between bushcraft and survival here).

survival courses tasmania - natural lean to shelter

You’ll learn this essential knowledge and these valuable life skills in our friendly environment, where the skill sets taught are carefully explained and then demonstrated by our highly trained instructors. After which, you will be able to practise and hone the technique for yourself.

As each new skill is acquired, we will help you to apply it in a real-world environment and gradually build upon what you have already learned, providing you with increased self-reliance in the wilderness, and allowing you to become much more at ease and confident in the outdoors before you head off on your next trip or adventure.

SCT is located only 15 minutes from Launceston airport, so it couldn’t be more convenient to get here. Also, with many of the major mainland airports offering direct flights to Launceston, we’re really easy to find.

Additionally, for our two intermediate courses and our future advanced-stage course – we will be heading to a wild, natural inland island just 10 minutes away from the main venue, where we will be even more engaged with the wilderness around us (access dependent).

Read more in our survival blogs here and if you’re looking for survival courses in Tasmania – why not book one of our courses and be prepared for any situation.

See the definition of survival here.