Why do you need a basic survival training course?

In this uncertain world, the bush can be an unforgiving place if you’re unprepared and you don’t have the right skills for your surroundings from a basic survival training course.

There can be many unpredicted and wild weather events, challenging events during the course of a hike, breaking down in a 4WD vehicle off the beaten track, or even sustaining an injury personally or having others in your group who become injured.

What should you do when you become injured, lost, or stranded (due to injury etc) in the wilderness miles from safety?

What are the ‘Top 5’ survival priorities when an emergency situation occurs, or when your vehicle breaks down in a desert or in a snow storm?

How would you navigate if you’re marooned on a mountain…and how would you construct a shelter to protect you from an unexpected rain storm?

This is where the knowledge and practical skills gained from a course from Survival Courses Tasmania can really help!

The SCT Essential Basic Survival Course will provide you with the best kind of foundationary training in all of the principles and skills necessary to survive overnight in the bush.

basic survival training course - teepee fire layThis course is suitable for beginners with little-to-no experience, and outdoor regulars alike who have some experience of the outdoors and want to increase their core survival skills and knowledge.

You will spend the day learning a really varied and considered combination of know-how and hands-on skills, which will provide you with the essential foundation that you need.

The basic survival training course runs over a full, packed day and covers an array of skills…some of which are not taught anywhere else in Australia.

For example, you will learn how to build a natural shelter, as well as how to pitch a tarp correctly for optimal protection from the elements. This will be your home in a survival situation, so it needs to be built right.

You’ll cover how best to insulate your shelter and protect it using both natural materials and standard items you should have with you on a hike or trip etc.

It will include the priorities of survival, and in which order you should prioritise these activities depending on what kind of terrain and environment you’re in.

We’ll show you modern survival skills of how to utilise everyday items from home to allow you to successfully light a fire in the great outdoors.

The basic course will also teach you how to make the most effective fire lay in order to beat the odds when it comes to trying to light a fire in the field.

SCT’s course will teach you how to signal for rescue – using both ‘passive’ and ‘active’ methods.

You’ll learn how to look for water sources and gain the ability to treat water…something which is often overlooked, especially in beautiful natural areas such as Tasmania.

Treating water before drinking can itself save your life. Becoming sick from drinking bad water can easily stop you from being able to hike out of a situation, and also dehydrate you further through illness.

You will learn about the survival ‘Rule of 3s’ and how food features in the list of priorities compared to water and shelter etc.

We’ll also cover areas such as the all-important specifications of the best type and features of a proper survival knife, as well as how to tie basic (but critical) survival knots to help you in the field.

Some key wilderness first aid will be taught in addition – including how to deal with and treat snake bites, and how to bandage a broken arm or dislocated shoulder properly.

Maintaining your equipment and ‘kit mentality’ are essential skills for anybody in the wild, so we’ll teach you how to look after your gear so it lasts.

SCT will teach you how to navigate using the sun and other natural indicators, to help you find your direction in an emergency.

So, regardless of whether you are a complete novice or an outdoors expert, our Survival Courses Tasmania course will introduce you to the essential skills of bushcraft and survival.

This course will teach you how to utilise these skills effectively and efficiently in a survival situation, and will instil self-confidence and resourcefulness in you to prepare you for your next trip.

The Essential Basic Survival Course is one of our most popular courses and covers the true foundationary skills required to survive in the wilderness.

This 1-day basic survival training course is ideal for those who want to start their adventure with wilderness survival and bushcraft.

The course is also very good for more experienced outdoorsmen and women, plus enthusiasts of survival who wish to expand their core knowledge and skill sets.

It is an introduction and a pathway to the world of wilderness survival and bushcraft, where you can choose to progress through SCT’s 4 stages of courses.

The need for a good basic survival training course

If you do have some prior experience – consider this a tool to expand and solidify prior survival knowledge and skills.

At Survival Courses Tasmania, we provide our clients with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to prevent or respond to emergencies in remote or harsh environments.

basic survival training course - rescue signallingWe accomplish this by teaching our clients a modern survival approach to wilderness survival that emphasises basic preparedness, essential pieces of kit to carry with you, adaptability, and a realistic approach to improvisation.

We also help our clients to make better decisions by teaching them survival psychology, something that will definitely help you practically should you find yourself in an emergency situation.

That way, if the worst occurs during your next outdoor adventure, you’ll have the positive mindset to immediately respond to the situation as less of a crisis and being more in control of your critical cognitive processes.

This, in turn, will allow you to not only protect yourself better, but also others in your group – which will help in your rescue, and ensure you get back home safely.

SCT is fortunate to have worked with a diverse mix of clients from all over Australia and even the world with a number of international participants.

Some are experienced hikers, fishermen and women, remote workers etc who want to be better prepared for an emergency — especially should their planned day hike turn unexpectedly into an overnight stay!

While many others simply want to learn sound, basic survival skills so that they can take their adventures to the next level.

Our clients also include wilderness instructors, healthcare professionals, photographers, Australian Defence Force Cadets, remote workers, and people from all walks of life who come back to complete our other courses.

At SCT, the instructor will explain and demonstrate any survival techniques, then will assist you to perform them properly to make sure you got them honed.

From the basic survival training course up to our specialist course, all of our classes are fun, informative, and rewarding.

Why not contact us today to find out how you can grow from attending one of our courses? Click on any of our four survival and bushcraft courses below to learn more about which skills they each cover.