Wilderness Survival Training Course

Real-World Experience

For your wilderness survival training course – you will be instructed by our Chief Instructor, Alex Mileham.

Alex has trained in many varied and innovative areas of wilderness survival & bushcraft techniques as well as undertaken training courses, and has been hiking for over 43 years – solo hiking for 33 years – in remote mountainous regions around the world.

He has done numerous extended treks during his lifetime utilising various survival techniques, including in the following regions: the Nepalese Himalayas, North & Northwest India, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, as well as a number of remote regions in the UK, Indonesian islands, the Australian mainland and Tasmania.

Alex has completed survival and bushcraft courses with Ray Mears (Woodlore Bushcraft, UK), Bob Cooper (Outback Survival) and has trained with former members of the 2nd Commando Regiment, Australian Army. He is also trained in Wilderness First Aid (TasTAFE: HLTAID003, SISOFLD004 & SISXEMR002).

Alone Australia Filmed In Tasmania Is Airing In 2023 – The Massive Ratings TV Series Has Previously Been Shot In Patagonia, Alaska and British Columbia…And Now Here In Tassie!

We Are Explorers contacted me in late February 2023 to do a podcast all about the new series of Alone Australia being filmed in Tassie, and asked me what’s it like to explore Tasmania’s amazingly rugged wilderness with all of the solo hiking that I do, as well as running wilderness survival training classes here.

We covered many topics in the podcast and I had a good chat with the founder of the online adventure company, while answering a few questions about Alone and Survival Courses Tasmania running training classes in the north and the south of the island.

Additionally, another member of the online adventure business also contacted me separately for an article to go live before the premier of the new Alone Australia TV show launching on the 29th March 2023.

They gave me seven questions specifically all about the hugely popular show, which you can read more about here.

It seems that everyone is excitedly awaiting for our own local Aussie version of the hit TV series to start. Maybe even more so for us down here in the stunning wilderness that makes up Tasmania.

Interview With A Journalist re. Alone Australia: A Comment From SCT’s Chief Instructor

Alone Australia filmed their first season in Tasmania in July 2022 (to be aired in March 2023)…and a Sydney journalist contacted me as a local survival expert to find out why I thought the Alone producers had picked Tassie as their first location down under.

He asked me a number of questions about what contestants faced and which 3 survival items I would take into the wild (Alone contestants are allowed to take 10 items with them). You can read the interview here.

ABC Radio Tasmania Afternoons & Drive Time

I was also approached by ABC Radio Hobart separately for their Afternoon show and Drive program to do a couple of interviews about SCT’s wilderness survival training courses.

While they both asked me about Alone Australia, it was a much more widespread and in-depth discussion about my journey to becoming a survival instructor, how long I’ve been doing it, and what we teach on our various courses.

Joel Rheinberger – host of ABC Radio Tasmania Afternoons – is a great interviewer and I find it just like when I talk to a student / client of mine who’s done a number of our courses…so it feels very natural.

Joel dug much deeper into what people should prioritise in different survival scenarios and which natural shelter was the best for certain conditions, as well as a range of survival techniques that we teach here at SCT.

The host of their Drive program – Lucy Breaden – interviewed me on a range of survival topics and what we cover on our four 1-day courses both in Hobart and Launceston and why a wilderness survival training course is more important than you might think.

Lucy did also talk to me about Bear Grylls and his shows, so you can listen to what I say about Bear in the interview in the link below.

You can listen to one of the 12-minute interviews here. (Once it opens in a media player, just click on the black bar that says ‘LISTEN 2h 30m’ broadcast on Tuesday 17 Jan 2023 and fast forward to around 15 minutes into the recording). Don’t worry…the bushcraft and survival part is only 12 minutes long.

We only touched on some of the numerous, varied survival and bushcraft aspects that Survival Courses Tasmania cover in each of our four classes, but it was good to be asked on to the ABC Radio Hobart Drive Show to discuss why many locals and visitors alike need proper in-person training to build that essential mix of survival and bushcraft knowledge paired with practical, hands-on tuition.

When it comes to survival in Tasmania, the weather can turn on you in a matter of minutes and it really does catch a lot of people out. The correct knowledge, application and preparation are essential!

Also, if you’re looking for outdoor and tactical clothing – check out these guys at Tactical Gear…and if you’re after any outdoor gear or bushcraft clothing and equipment, check out our mates here in Tassie at All Goods.

wilderness survival training course - Survival Courses Tasmania Chief Instructor Alex Mileham
wilderness survival training course
wilderness survival training course - Alex Mileham on the summit of mt kilimanjaro Africa